McGizmo 26mm Titanium Clip

We have previously reviewed the stainless steel clips as a very useful piece of hardware to attach your EDC items to a keyring, lanyard, carabiner and others. A titanium clip was very welcomed as a premium item in the same line of clips.

The Ti clip is 26mm long, just 1mm longer than the SS "Micro" clip. It is built completely in titanium including the gate and the spring. The spring resistance is good enough to avoid accidental release but not hard to make it difficult to operate.

Being made in titanium the clips are very strong and very light, they will not corrode even if used in a marine environment and they are also diamagnetic so won't be attracted to magnets and will not magnetize.

If the size is good for you the quality of these clips is really excellent and will make your keychain perfect.

You can order for $8.50 from Lighthound.

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