Streamlight MicroStream Penlight

The MicroStream is a single cell penlight powered by a AAA battery. The light uses a 0.5watt high flux LED. The total length of the light is 3.5''.

The Microstream uses a propietary optics system called "Micro Optical System" to focus the beam in a strong hotspot. The lens is made of polycarbonate.

The body is made of grade II anodized aluminium, with orings to make the light waterproof, the light claims to be shockproof and is very strongly built, we really think it will resist drops and impacts without a problem. The pocket clip is long and very strong, can be used to clip the light to a shirt pocket or a pants pocket without a problem, it has good tension and will not break. Attached to the clip is a small attachment point in case you want to use the light in your keychain.

The output is about 20 lumen for up to 1.5 hours of runtime, the beam is very strong and useful for a light of its size, great to inspect places, find missing objects and the normal things you can do with a keychain light.

Since the light is small and uses only one AAA battery it is in our opinion more a keychain light than a penlight and if you are looking for a strong hotspot portable mini searchlight this is probably a very good idea.

You can order from LightHound for $16.


Anonymous said...

Being in Emergency preparedness / Search and Rescue I train lot's of people in emergency procedures and I always reccomend carrying a flashlight. Having something like this that is available in local stores to my students is nice. It has since replaced my Surefire E1L as my EDC flashlight. The only thing that could be better is the run time. Although I have not run the battery down in normal day to day use.

Anonymous said...

I ordered one of these two days ago and just spotted this review. Thanks. L e x

rtbrownell said...

I purchased a Streamlight MicroStream as a Christmas present for my father. He is a self employed plumber/electrician so I figured he could use it when he is working in his customers basements. I didn't remove the light from the package before wrapping it. When he opened it Christmas morning everyone was amazed at just how bright the little light was.

He has been using it for less than a week and he had to call me tonight to say how he absolutely loves it. He really likes the fact that he can carry it in his shirt pocket all day long and not even notice it until he needs it. He also was surprised at how far the beam projects for a tiny package. In my opinion this light gets 2 thumbs up!

Eddie said...

Here's a tip, when the original battery finally dies on you get yourself some energizer E2 lithium batteries for the little guy. The outcome will be a brighter light that last 2.5-3 times as long as the original.