EDC Magnets

Magnets can be useful in several scenarios and while it is not common to see someone carrying a magnet just in case it may be a good idea to add a few to your EDC kit.

Modern magnets today are made of rare earth aleations, mainly neodymium, they are incredibly strong and if used without care they may pinch your skin.

Magnets can be used to hold EDC items such as flashlights to metal surfaces, hollow disc magnets can be added to a pen to clip it to a metal surface, slim discs can be used as buttons with your clothes, they can also be used to attach a light to baseball cap, collect small screws and other metallic objects and a myriad of applications.

The collection featured in this picture shows a wide variety of neodymium magnets, including rods, spheres, cubes, discs and rings. As long as you keep them away from any electronic device they can be surprinsingly useful in many situations.

You can order in different shapes and sizes from Amazing Magnets.