Petzl E-Lite

The e-lite is a very small headlamp from petzl, it weights only 30 grams including the batteries, the light comes with a headband and a protective case in red color.

This small headlamp has 3 white leds and one red led powered by two C2032 coin cell lithium batteries. The light has 5 modes of operation selected moving the red lever in order they are: white minium, white maximum, white strobe, red strobe and constant red. The runtime is 35 hours in maximum mode and 45 hours in white minimum, a lot longer in red mode.

The lamp can be used with the supplied headband or removed and clipped to a belt, backpack, a hat or other objects, it can be used as a marker or a beacon. As a headlamp it is fine for indoors use, use inside a tent or close works but certainly not suitable for exploring. The light Waterproof down to -1 m.

You can read more in Petzl's website. Or oder for $28.99 from TAD Gear.

Lee Valley Magnet Compass

This is a fun novelty item from Lee Valley. Basically it is a barrel shaped neodynium magnet, due to its shape when placed on top of a flat surface it will orient in the North - South direction.

Curiously the magnet does not have a marker to differentiate North from South but at least it points you to the NS direction. The magnet comes inside a small survival capsule with a mini lanyard for transportation. So basically you get a very small magnet and a survival capsule when you order this item.

It is not a compass you will use for navigation but it is a nice gift and a fun item and being just as small as the picture shows you can practically put it anywhere as long as the magnet will not affect other objects. The aluminium capsule is a nice one too.

You can get them for $4.50 following this link.

UrsaLite Carabiners

These are very small carabiners of excelent quality, they are just 1.5" long x 1.0" wide (4.0 cm x 2.5 cm) and are not intended for climbing or rescue operations but yet they can take up to 150lbs of weight without getting damaged or breaking.

Constructed in anodized aluminium the carabiners are really light they only weight: 0.11 oz (3.1 g) so they will be weightless when attached to your belt, backpack, tent or any kind of equipment.

They are very good for keychains or to attach objects to backpacks or bags, they won't break and won't be bulky or add extra weight to your equipment. You can use them to attach a radio, a hat, a flashlight and many other accesories to your belt or your backpack and they work very well for a keychain too.

A pack of six can be ordered for about $15 following this link.