Byrd Harp

The Harp is a multitool made by Spyderco for his child brand Byrd. It has eight tools that rotate out individually from an outer ring and snap open to be used.

The tools included are: A corkscrew, a flat screwdriver, phillips screwdriver, an awl, gimplet, saw, a file and a small and large head hammer that doubles as bottle opener.

The harp is 3 3/4'' when closed and weights 4 5/8 ounces so it's not precisely a wallet sized tool but the flat shape makes it an interesting tool for pockets, including backpack pockets and other bag pockets.

The selection of tools is interesting, this is probably the only multi tool that includes a hammer so if your activities frequently require the use of a hammer this will be a great tool. We found that having the hammer and the awl but not being able to smash the awl with the hammer might lead to frustration but that is how the tool is designed, we would have liked being able to remove the tools completely, maybe even customizing which tools are included but that is just daydreaming.

The corkscrew is as useless as in other multitools and consumes space, a blade is missed and the reason why a blade was not included is probably that this is intended as a complement to your Spyderco or Byrd knife.

A curious tool that is interesting as long as the selection of tools fits your needs.

You can read more and order for $32 from Spyderco's website.