Energizer Folding Lantern

The Folding Lanter is a very oddly shapped flashlight made by Energizer powered by four AA batteries.

The light has the case for the batteries and then a folding arm that holds a plastic difusser with three 5mm white leds embedded. A three way switch let's you choose from a high beam, low beam or off mode.

The light can be used folded or unfolded in different positions, there is a low quality plastic mirror at the back of the main body to improve the brightness when the light is closed. Despite it's supossed flexibility we fail to see how the folding arm and the design can be useful besides just putting the light inside a tent or a room for ambient illumination.

As expected the beam is just flood and works well to illuminate a tent or a small room, the runtime is excellent ranging from 100 hours on high mode to 200 hours in low mode. This makes this light an economic alternative for ambient illumination and a good backup device if you can be in potentially dark areas for a long time.

Construction is all plastic and seems to be solid, there is a plastic flap at the end of the main body with an attachment point for a lanyard, carabiner or something similar. With the 4 AA batteries the light is quite heavy the best way to carry is probably to just put it inside your packl and use it when you need it.

You can get it at retail stores like Wall Mart for around $10.