SanDisk Cruzer Titanium 2Gb pendrive

This a 2Gb flash drive enclosed in a "luquid metal" metallic case, it's supossed to resist forces of up to 200lbs, some guys tried to crush it with an SUV but failed. It has a cool look and feel too.

The cruzer comes with a lanyard, split ring and a metallic pocket clip that I didn't find useful so I removed it. The USB connector is plastic and retractable, when being used a blue led glows and the led blinks when the drive is transferring data.

The cruzer is a U3 compatible drive, this means that you can use it as a regular 2Gb flash drive but you can also use it as a U3 device downloading and installing U3 portable software (freeware) that you can then launch from the U3 launchpad. It comes with the usual sofwtare in trial mode that you don't want but it also comes with the U3 launchpad and download manager that I found very useful download the applications you want and they will be ready to be launched from the U3 launchpad.

I installed portable firefox, open office, thunderbird, a PIM application, a encryption software, a notepad and a PDF reader all installed and ready to use in minutes. Prices for flash drives change a lot, calculate $50~$80 for this one at the time this was posted. You can get more information at the Cruzer official page. A very cool and strong drive. Recommended.