Berkeley point clips

Clips are useful for several purposes, there are many variations and qualities and the ones produced by Berkeley Point offer a very good combination of quality, variety, availability and price.

The clips from BP come in 4 different sizes from larger to smaller: Mini clip, Micro Clip, Nano Clip, Pico Clip. The largest one: the Mini clip can be used to clip keychains or items to belt loops, the smallest one is really tiny and is good to attach small things to splitrings for easy removal. The price starts at $2.25 for the pico clip and goes up to $3.25 for the Mini clip.

Using them is a question of imagination, the most basic usage is to use a very small splitring to attach the clip to some item and then be able to clip the item to different objects, belt loops, splitrings, keychains, lanyards, neck chains, ball&chain, etc.

They are made of stainless steel and the quality is very high, you can order them and find more information in Berkeley's Point Website.

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