Dyno-Mite Keychain Light

The Dyno-Mite is a keychain crank activated light that uses no batteries and requires absolutely no power source to operate.

To use the light you crank it using the lever on the side and after one minute of winding you get 5 minutes of light from the two 5mm Leds.

The light is of course not bright but is a perfect backup light and a very nice gadget to have in your keychain, specially considering that this is a light that will always work if needed.

The Dyno-Mite is 1.6'' x 1.22'' x 0.6 '' (40 x 30 x 15 mm) and weights just 15 grams so it is perfect for a keychain, it has a small attachment hole for a splitring or a small lanyard. A keychain is included.

Construction is solid and the internal parts are simple are well constructed so with normal use this light should last a long time.

You can order for $7 from EssentialGear. Available in blue, red, green, silver, black and gray.

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Anonymous said...

My Dyno-Mite keychain light lasted about 1 month. It started to crank hard, then the gears inside lost teeth.