The guardian light

The Guardian is a small clipable domed led light. It comes in five different colors: amber, aqua, blue, red and white. The light uses a couple of C2032 coin cell lithium batteries.

The light is turned on or off twisting the dome, if you keep untwisting the dome will open to change the batteries so don't untiwst a lot or you will risk losing parts of the light accidentally.

Depending on the position of the batteries the light will be turned on in constant mode or blinking mode, since you have to open the light and reverse the batteries to change the mode I would say that the light has only 1 mode of operation but can be selected among 2 when installing the batteries. The runtime is about 100 hours in constant mode and about 250 hours in blinking mode.

In the back of the light you can find a plastic clip to clip the light to a belt, hat, backpack and other objects.

The domed light is good as a beacon or a marker but probably not good enough as an area light or a flashlight, it is certainly a good and small marker for several needs.

You can read some extra info or get it for about $12 following this link.