Gear Keepers

Retractors are normally used for badges but they are very useful to carry all kind of items that might be quickly needed without the risk of losing them; the only problem is that finding hight quality retractors for gear is not easy, the badge retractors are not strong enough and the construction is often unreliable.

These retractors from GearKeeper are top quality general purpose retractors that can be used for different objects, keys, flashlights, guns, knives, tools, etc. They offer 2 different tension strengths and several options for the attachment point.

The two tensions are 6oz and 12oz. For small items the 6oz is more than enough, for big D cell flashlights or heavy objects you may need the 12oz version. One of the ends of the retractor is a quick release plastic clip with a splitring, the other end or main attachment point can be one of four different options: A plastic clip, a pin mount, a velcro strap mount or a belt clip mount.

The retractor is made of coated stainless steel cable with a stainless steel spring inside a plastic case, they can take up to 60lbs of weight without breaking the spring mechanism. So if you are looking for a good retractor for your gear then pick a tension, pick an attachment system and you have your gear keeper.

You can read more in the official website. Check the dealers at the page because the items are frequently out of stock and are not very easy to get. The cost is about $10 to $20 depending on the attachment option, strength and vendor.