Freeplay Sherpa

The Freeplay Sherpa is an emergency flashlight that can be used without any power source using a hand crank to charge the light.

There are many hand-crank lights in the market and most of them are fakes, this one is for real. You have two ways to charge the flashlight, the first one is winding the hand crank, 2 minutes of winding will give you 50 hours of good light and up to 80 minutes of dim but useful light.
The second method is charging in an AC, a 24 hour charge will then give you 20 hours of light.

The light uses an array of 7 leds and has two brightness levels, one for maximum brightness and a dim setting for long runtime useful inside a tent or at the camping site, you can always recharge if you need more light so using the high mode if needed is not a problem.

The beam is floody good for ambien illumination and as a tasklight, the reflector provides a good throw so the light will be seen from a good distance and can be used to signal your position in an emergency situation.

The sherpa is a good quality emergency light that really works, it has a very good relation of charge time and light time, on the downside it is a little big to be an emergency device, it is not regulated and it doesn't have a strobe or beacon mode to attract attention. If the ability to be able to charge and use a light is what really matters this is an excellent option.

You can get it for $33 from BatteryJunction.