X-Light Micro

The x-light micro is a keychain flashlight featuring multiple brightness levels, strobe, SOS and momentary mode.

The light uses a 5mm white LED (no color versions yet) and the interfase is very simple yet quite powerful. From Off you can press the button to turn it on in maximum brightness or keep the button pressed to turn it on in minimum brightness. Once turned on press and hold to change the brightness, you can go from maximum to minimum or from minimum to maximum dependin on how you started the light. Once maximum or minimum is reached the light will blink.

If you press and hold past the blink you access a slow strobe, medium strobe, fast strobe and SOS mode. There is also a momentary mode, you press the light several times quickly until it won't turn on. Then you can press for momentary activation, this is useful for signaling or using morse code. The interface is the same used in the photon freedom, a very good one.

The x-light micro is made of polycarbonate and the button has GID (glow in the dark material) so after exposure to sunlight it will glow. The batteries are two 2016 coin cell batteries that will power the light for about 10 hours of runtime. It comes with a small split ring, a lobster clip and a small lanyard for neck carry.

Compared with the Photon Freedom the x-light is an economic version with almost the same features and a slightly cheaper construction and materials. The decision between the x-light and the freedom is certainly bounded to the look and feel and personal taste so the best we can do is to let you read both reviews and make your own call. We liked the X-light micro a lot.

You can order for $8.95 and read more about the X-light at LRI's website.