The Otter Box is a strong waterproof and crushproof box to carry different items. They are available in different colors and sizes, the one in the picture is the smallest size measuring
4.837"x 3.682"x 1.652" external and 4.003"x 2.488"x 1.293" internal. From that size they go bigger up to laptop sized boxes etc.

The box has a rubber seal to make it waterproof, it can be put under water up to 100 feet without leaking, I wouldn't probably call it a dive box but they are fine for all your outdoor activities including boating, river trips and related. The boxes of course float so if the contents are not extremely heavy your kit will float and be protected if dropped into the water.

Crush resistance is based in the resistance of polycarbonate the material that makes the clear cases. It is fine against most drops and hits.

The Otter Boxes are in our humble opinion not as strong and well built as Pelican Cases, but they are certainly a good alternative for your kits and gear. As long as you have things that need to be protected from impacts and water this cases in the adequate size will be useful.

You can get them from $10 from Lighthound.

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