Pelican Cases

Don't look for anything very fancy here, these are just cases and their purpose is to store things. So what better for valuable gadgets than very special cases like the ones from Pelican? These cases are shockproof, waterproof, and dustproof. They even come with a pressure valve to release pressure from the inside in case of need.

You can get them in many different colors and sizes, the 1010 in the picture is the smallest one, there is a i1010 version for Ipods with an outlet for earplugs. You can also get foam inserts for the case that can be shaped to accept different items, for example batteries. The cases are produced in different colors: black, yellow and clear.

They are great to carry gadgets around without worries about bumps, falls or humidity. Price starts at about $10 and up for the bigger ones. (i1010 for Ipds $35). You can get more information at Pelican website.

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