Star Flash Signal Mirror

Signal mirrors are the ultimate device for daytime signaling, in good conditions a good quality mirror can signal very easily up to 30 to 40 miles and can be seen from 100 miles.

The Star Flash is a high quality mirror issued to the Air Force and NASA astronauts, it is made of Lexan Polycarbonate with a vacuum deposited mineral mirror. The center has a retro-reflective mesh and an aiming star.

To use it you point the mirror near the sun but not looking directly at it, you then move it until you see a glowing ball in the retroreflective mesh, that ball is the direction where the mirror is reflecting the sunlight. You then move the mirror towards your target and make the glowing ball hit the target with small movements to make sure you are seen.

Always practice because when you really need it you are probably going to have 30 seconds or so to signal a plane or helicopter if you need help. Don't practice aiming to planes or helicopters, you can always find a friend to help you practice without putting anyone in danger.

The mirror can be used for emergency signaling and for silent communications in daytime. Being a mirror it can also be used to put contact lenses, applying camouflage, makeup etc.

The Star Flash weights just 19 grams (0.7 oz) and is 2x3 inches long (5.1 x 7.6 cm), it is almost indestructible and if dropped to the water will float. The retroreflective mesh and aiming star work very well and after a little training the mirror will be easy to use. The difference with very cheap mirrors is how you can really aim with the mesh, it may seem simple to reflect the light of a mirror in a wall or tree but if you have to aim to a little airplane that is miles away from you then the task is not so simple and the difference between a good quality mirror and the cheap one is greater.

A must-have component in any survival kit and probably a must-have item for any outdoor activity.

You can check more information from UltimateSurvival's website, the manufacturers of this mirror and you can order for $7 from this site.

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