Micro Jet Torch

The Micro-Jet is a buthane torch with piezoelectric ignition. The really interesting thing is that this torch can use a disposable buthane lighter as a cartridge if no lighter is available it can use a refillable cartridge also included.

Not all the disposable lighter brands will fit but the following ones do: Scripto/Toaki (Mighty Match, Ultralite, Vesta, Graffiti) or Calico (Jeweltones) and others might fit if they have the same size. Bic lighters do not fit.

Using the buthane in the disposable lighter as fuel the micro-jet will produce a very hot blue flame that will be wind resistant and will be able to light and melt many different things.

The torch can be used in any application where a strong flame is needed, cooking, melting, paint removal, hobbies, jewelry etc. It is also good for camping and outdoor activities since the strong wind resistant flame will be able to light a fire with less effort than a normal disposable lighter. Refills are as cheap and easy to get as getting a lighter that fits.

We liked the ability to use the torch for projects and hobbies without worrying about fuel running out, you can always have some lighters as cheap refills.

The runtime is aproximately 20 minutes with a normal "charge" and the flame burns at about 1300C (2400F) the size is 4.3" x 2.6" x 1" (11 x 6.6 x 2.5 cm). It works great to fuse paracord and melt plastic.

You can order for $20 from Cabelas.

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