TAD Gear's Life Capsule Tactical

The "Tactical" is a survival capsule from TAD gear that is smaller and has less features or configurations than the Delta model but is much cheaper and very usable.

The capsule is approximately 0.88" diam. X 4.24" length and has two compartments, the main compartment where you store your items and a small button sized compartment in one of the ends that can be used to store a button compass, a pill or another small and flatish object. One of the caps has a lanyard hole that can be used to thread cord as big as 550 paracord to carry the capsule in a neck lanyard or hanging form a backpack.

The basic package includes: Glow Cord for Neck Lanyard, Emergency Mini-Candle, Matches, a liquid filled brunton compass & Tinder-Quik. You can add a TAD Gear's OS nylon sheath for an additional $7.50 (retail value $16 without the capsule) you can also add a Spark Lite fire starting device.

The capsule is constructed in HA-III aluminium with a gray finish; the built quality is excellent. The primary compartment is 2.6" deep with an inside diameter of about .575" Both end caps have scallops machined into their tapered ends to aid in installation and removal. The endcaps are interchangeable and will fit on either end. The "Fast Thread" design refers to the fact that the threads have 3 starting points instead of one, so you'll catch the threads within only a 3rd of a revolution than 'finding' the one starting point when you install the endcaps. This makes the endcaps quicker to put on. Solvent-resistant O-rings on the body compress when the end caps are installed for a water-tight seal.

In terms of what you can carry the capsule is certainly small for several items, specially in terms of width but you can use it to carry small objects like tinder, a fire starter, mini pen, mini glow stickie, band aids, currency, pins, needles, pills, tweezers, nylon cord and other smallish items that can be useful in case of need and can be lost in bigger cases.

The capsule is compatible with the Delta model so if you have both you can combine delta modules and caps with this capsule. You can also order the X-Acto end cap accesory that was conceived for the Delta model but is compatible with the "Tactical". There is also a small threaded hole in one of the caps that is intended for extra accesories to be announced, the modularity and ability to expant with extra caps and accesories is one of the great things that makes this capsule different than others in the market.

The price for the "Tactical" is $58 and you can order from TAD Gear.
Update: The 3.0 version of this capsule is now $34 from TAD Gear with just minor cosmetic changes to the one reviewed here.

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