TAD Gear's Survival Capsule Delta

This is probably the ultimate survival capsule. The Delta is a modular survival capsule that includes 3 modules and some end caps to allow multiple configurations.

The main module is a classic hollow survival capsule module, it has a small compartment in one end that can be used to store a button compass or some medication. The second module is a whistle and also has the pocket clip, the whistle is quite loud and waterproof. The third module is a locator module with a tritium tube inside.

One of the caps has a hole for a lanyard, the other is a plain cap and there is another one with a crenelated end that can be used as an impact cap. The capsule is compatible with TAD's gear cheaper "tactical" capsule and there is an optional cap that can be purchased to use xacto cutters. If you buy both capsules you can play lego with them but unfortunately the colors don't match.

You can use your delta in several different configurations, maybe some extra caps or accesories would have made this even more modular than it is and the TAD guys may be planning to release extra modules or caps in a near future, the x-acto end cap is a positive sign in that direction. The price is $148. You can find more info or get it from TAD Gear.

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micaela said...

I'm having trouble finding a tritium one.... Help