Fauxtons are very small and inexpensive keychain lights. They feature a 5mm led powered by one CR2032 coin cell battery or two CR2016s depending on the model and led color. They can be obtained in white, red, blue, purple (near UV), yellow or green leds.

There is also a multi-color led variation with a led that changes colors when turned off, nice for parties or eventually could be used for signaling. The case can be either black or translucent-white for the white led version: for the color leds the case is a translucent plastic with the same color tone as the led, blue case for blue led, etc.

There are no additional features besides the on/off but you have two ways to turn it on, you can either squeeze for momentary activation or use a small slider switch for constant on. The runtime is very good and the brightness is more than acceptable for the size and price.

For keychains or backup lights attached to many different items this small flashlights are a great option and for $1 you can't be dissapointed. You can order them from LightHound.

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