AG Russell's Field tweezers

Tweezers are quite useful items in your kit, they can be used to untie rebel knots, remove splints, remove insect stings, pick up very small items like screws and bolts, etc.

The normal tweezers you can find in SAKs are useful for many tasks but sometimes they are either too small or too weak for your needs. These tweezers from AG Russell are stronger and much more precise than regular tweezers, they are point-ended to be able to pick very small objects from very narrow places the pin-point precision is a huge difference in many tasks.

They come with a small stainless steel sheath that can be put in a keyring so you can remove the tweezers in milliseconds in case of need. If you replace your SAK tweezers with this ones you can use the SAK compartment for a toothpick and have both tools available in an upgraded version.

There are many different manufacturers for this style of tweezers so you can check and order according to your preferences, the ones in the picture came from LightHound for $7.50

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