Aunoc AAAA

The Aunoc AAAA is a keychain flashlight powered as its name indicates by a single AAAA battery; and yes it is four A's not a typo. With just 67mm (2.65in) of legth and 9.55mm (0.375in) of diameter it is one of the smallest keychain flashlights you can get.

The AAAA batteries are smaller and slimmer than AAA batteries but are also harder to find. To have an idea of its size think that many 9v batteries have 6 1.5v AAAA batteries inside joined by welded tabs. If you buy a duracell or some other good brand 9v battery you can open it to get the AAAA batteries and that may be cheaper or easier than buying AAAA batteries. Please note not all 9v batteries are like this so be careful.

The Aunox is made of stainless steel, and is water proof to about 100 feet. The switch is just a twisty head, twist for on and off. The battery drives a single 5mm led. It is very bright for it's size and the stainless steel finish is very stylish. It is smaller than the Arc AAA but probably not as bright or strong and with a shorter runtime.

This very stylish, bright and small flashlight costs about $50 and you can order it from LightHound.

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