The Arc AAA-p

The Arc AAA was for a long time one of the best keychain flashlights available in the market. The company had trouble and folded but re-emerged to the market for a new version of their most popular light.

The Arc AAA-p is a brighter version of the flashlight. The Arc is powered by a AAA battery (lithiums and NiMh are fine) driving a Nichia 5mm led.

The good things about the arc are its toughness and runtime, built in a very strong HA-3 finish this flashlight can resist all kinds of use and abuse. It is a very good companion for a keychain or neck carry because of its small size.

It retails at $40, expensive for a 5mm led light but explainable for a light built in the best way using the best materials. You can find more info about this flashlight in the Arc website.

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