Brunton Helios

The Helios is a very strong piezoelectric butane lighter from Brunton. The flame is windproof up to 80mph, you can light it up and hold the lighter out of a window in a car moving at 50mph and the flame will still be alive when you get it inside. This makes the Helios suitable for camping and survival kits as a reliable tool to start fires in the most difficult conditions.

The Helios loads 1.7oz of Butane and produces a high temperature torch-style flame, a lot hotter than regular lighters.

With the lid closed the Helios is waterproof, it comes with a wrist lanyard and a pocket clip on one side, the construction is solid and can resist drops and impacts without serious problems. The piezoelectric ignition should be good for up to 30,000 ignitions.

A very strong and weather proof lighter that will always work in case of need. You can read more about it on Brunton's website and order it for $50 from TAD Gear.

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