Rescue Laser Flare

The rescue laser flare is basically a laser pointer specifically designed to attract attention in emergency situations.

In case of need when you want to attract the attention of a helicopter or group of people you turn the flare on, point to the target and very slowly move it back and forth in a 5 to 10 degrees arc; the flare will then create a "fan" of light that will make it visible to the target in a wide area. To compare, using a normal laser pointer if you don't aim exactly at the target you won't be seen, with this flare it will be almost impossible not to be seen.

The flare is visible up to 20 miles away on optimal conditions at night and is effective up to 3 miles in daytime.

With the same technique described you can also use the laser flare to detect reflective material up to one mile away, so you can search for your rescuers while they search for you and if you are a rescuer you can search for the victims. It is waterproof up to 80 feet and runs for about 40 hours using a lithium C123 battery. The body is made of anodized aluminium and is very solid and resistant to drops or impacts.

Since this is a laser you should not point it to the eyes of people and must avoid looking directly at it to avoid damage to your retina, following the instructions it is as safe as any commercial laser pointer in the market.

This small item is probably a key element as a signaling device in survival kits, rescue teams can use it to detect reflective material in lost hikers or skiers that might be unconcious. Many people think that a recue helicopter will be able to see you as long as you see them but that is far from true but using this flare you can be sure a rescue plane or helicopter will be able to see you as long as you can see them and signal.

The price is $88 and you can order it from LightHound.

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