Buck Summit

The summit is a folding knife with a couple of extra tools created mainly for campers but also useful in urban environments.

The knife is a liner locking folder with a 3'' modified clip point blade, half serrated made of 420H steel. It offers thumbstuds to open and locks in a secure way. We found it good enough for normal cutting jobs with good edge retention and sharp from the factory. The grip is very good due to the shape of the handle with a generous area to rest your fingers, the inlays in the handles make the grip secure and non slippery.

At the back of the knife you will find a very generous lanyard attachment point and two small tools with their own thumbstuds. One is a can opener and bottle opener combo that can also be used to clean nails and minor cutting jobs. The second tool is a screwdriver that can work on both flat and philips screws. Both tools work very nicely and are well built.

The last tool in the Summit is a corkscrew, that in our modest opinion is a little hard to explain combined with a knife. Some other tool would have made more sense, anyway if you need a corkscrew this one works in an acceptable way.

The Summit is a good knife interesting if you go camping or as a multi use tool, it doesn't have a pocket clip and the corkscrew is not very useful, if you can deal with those problems then the rest is really very good.

You can read more from Buck's website or order from BaseGear for $55.

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