Fenix P3D RB100 Premium

This is an improved version of the Fenix P3D we have previously reviewed. The only difference is that the LED emitter has been upgraded to a LumiLeds Rebel 100 Led to make the light even brighter.

The P3D has 2 modes of operation selected twisting the head of the light, in each mode you can cycle thru different levels and modes clicling the tailcap switch. In the first mode, you start in the lowest brightness level, then medium, then high and the SOS. In the second mode you start in turbo mode and the next level is the strobe. You can go to Turbo or Minimum from any mode just twisting or untwisting the head. We have previously commented we like this user interface a lot and we still do.

With the new R100 LED the performance of the P3D is as follows: Minimum mode is 11 lumen with 65 hours of runtime, medium is 50 lumen with 13 hours of runtime, maximum is 112 lumen with 5 hours of runtime, turbo is 200 lumen with 1.8 hours of runtime. This figures using primary C123 batteries since rechargeables should not be used.

In Turbo mode the P3DR100 is just amazing, the amount of light it produces will outperform probably any other light you have seen, unfortunately the light gets quite hot in Turbo mode so you should not use it for more than five to ten minutes in turbo to avoid damaging the LED or the batteries. Never leave the light in Turbo without holding it because your hand is the heatsink that disipates the heat from the body.

The new Rebel LED is not only extremely bright but it also has a very white and warm tint that is certainly more pleasant to the eye than the tints we have seen in other LED lights.

With the six levels of operation ranging from 11 lumen to 200 lumen and with runtimes reaching 65 hours the P3Dr100 is an excellent EDC light that is probably one of the best general purpose flashlights at the moment this review was written.

You can order for $70 from Fenix-Store.

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Anonymous said...

I have this light and you can indeed use rechargeable batteries. RCR123A's hot off the charger are 4.2 volts and the P3D can handle the 8.4 volts easily. Fenix-store.com sells a custom made body for the P3D head that holds three batteries if you want mad runtimes.