Streamlight Stylus Pro

The Stylus Pro is the new upgraded version of the popular Stylus penlight by Streamlight. The changes are big, the light uses a new LED and AAA batteries now.

The Stylus pro uses a 0.5 watt LED powered by two AAA batteries, the output of the LED goes thru an optics system called "MOS" for Micro-Optical-System ending in a polycarbonate lens.
The total output goes up to 24 lumen with a runtime of 7.5 hours.

The switch is a forward clickie at the back of the pen, push lightly for momentary activation or push more to click it for constant on. It works very well with a good tactile response. The tailcap can be unscrewed to lock the light preventing accidental activation.

The body is made of grade II anodized aluminum, it is shockproof and waterproof using orings to seal it. The pocket clip is long and very strong and will work fine in any kind of pocket. The clip also features a small hole to attach a lanyard or a splitring. Lanyard is not included. The total length is 5.3''.

The beam offers a strong hotspot with plenty of sidespill, it is probably good as a general illumination tool and will be a big improvement compared with the old version.

Compared to the old stylus the pro version is bulkier because it uses AAA batteries but it is also amazingly bright if compared and the runtime is really very good. If you are looking for a very slim penlight you should go with the original version, if the size of the pro is good to you then don't hesitate because the performance is really improved.

You can order from LightHound for $19.

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Anonymous said...

I agree with what has been said- the light is indeed very good both for its size and price. The small size of the 0.5W diode allows for a very tight hotspot. I would add two additional observations however: because the clip is attached to the tailcap, it can rub against the light when unscrewing the tailcap. Also, the hotspot (at least in mine) has a definite yellowish tinge.