Surefire G2 LED

This is a new version of the Surefire G2 using a SSC P4 LED instead of the incandescent lamp in the regular Surefire G2.

With the LED the G2 can produce up to 80-90 lumen and the runtime is 12 hours, the light is not regulated so the light will get dimmer as the batteries are consumed. It uses two c123 primary batteries.

The body is made of Nitrolon polymer, extremely strong and resistant to all sorts of impacts and falls. The lens is polycarbonate with anti reflective coating.

The switch is a tactical lockout switch, you can press for momentary activation or twist for constant on, untwisting the tailcap a few turns locks the light to prevent accidental activation.

The beam is a good combination of throw and flood, the reflector is textured to make the beam of the led smooth without artifacts, this means the throw of the light is slightly compromised to make the beam more even. Compared to the incandescent version this throws less but produces more light in total output.

With a very long runtime the G2 is a good all-around flashlight that needs very little or no maintenance at all, it never needs a new bulb and can run for many hours with one set of batteries, the beam is good for indoor or outdoors use.

You can read more at Surefire's website or order from OpticsHq.

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