Swiss Wallet

The swiss wallet is a thin and stylish minimalistic credit card holder with a money clip.

The wallet is made of anodized aluminium and can hold up to five credit cards in the slot, it can also be used for business cards. One of the sides features a sliding button that is used to pop the cards from the wallet, the activation is smooth and the mechanism works well.

The othe side of the swiss wallet, the one that is not in the picture has a stainless steel clip, the clip can be used as a money clip for bills or to clip the wallet to a belt, pocket or other places. It makes sense for us to use the clip for bills so you can have both cash and your credit cards in the same place.

The swisswallet is stylish and very thin, it only weights 2oz. The aluminium finish is strong and does not get scratched easily. The wallet is available in red, salmon, yellow, green, blue, silver and black colors; the money clip is not painted.

For the ones that like to use a money clip the swiss wallet is a great idea so you can also have some cards with minimum weight and volume.

You can read more at the product page or order from Amazon for about $28.

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