Spec Ops Pocket Organizer

The Pocket Organizer is a general purpose organizer that is perfect to organize cargo pockets and can also be used as a belt pouch or as an organizer inside a bag or backpack.

The organizer is 7'' x 4.75'' and 1 inch thick. Outside the pocket there is an external mesh pocket in one side for loose items and the belt loops with an integrated handle in the other. The handle is useful to retrieve the organizer from your cargo pocket if you use it in that way.

The organizer is opened using a clamshell style zipper, once opened the interior is organized in two panels. The left panel has five elastic loops useful for pens, knives, flashlights etc; this panel has a yellow background for extra contrast when you need to find something. There's also a strap with a plastic clip that can be used for a keychain , a photon style flashlight or other items.

The right panel has two internal pockets that can be used for items or to attach a notepad, the 4'' by 6'' rite in the rain notepads fit perfectly. Since the organizer opens completely you can use it to write notes if you put a notepad in the right panel.

The construction in cordura nylon is very strong, the zippers are very silent and run very well and the belt loops are extremely strong, you can use the organizer for heavy items without problems and it is surprising the number of things you can neatly organize inside the pouch.

Available in ACU gray, black, coyote brown, olive and tan. Can be ordered for $25 from Spec Ops website.

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