Keychain Transflash Reader

This is a keychain version of a transflash memory reader. It features a USB 2.0 connector on one side and a slot for a transflash card in the other end.

The dimensions are really minimal: 1.02'' x 0.43'' x 0.16'' and weights 0.2 oz. To use it you need to have a transflash memory card too, TF cards are becoming popular since they are used in many cellphones, you can plug the card, insert the reader in a USB port and access the card as a drive without drivers or aditional software. Used in conjunction with a 1gb or 2gb TF card this can be a tiny flashdrive, probably the smalles you can have since the reader is just as big as the USB connector itself so we don't see how it can be any smaller.

The reader has a small hole for a strap so you can carry it on your keychain or a necklace, construction is good enough to survive your keys, there are no moving parts so unless the plastic where the TF card is inserted gets crushed the reader will work fine. Remember you also need a TF card to use this as a flashdrive.

You can get it for $4.50 from DealExtreme.

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