Pilot Petit1 Mini Fountain Pen

The Petit1 is a mini version of a fountain pen. It is as small as a cross ion and about 1cm in diameter.

The pen has a stainless steel system and writes very well without smudges, it is one of those modern pens that makes hard to know if you are using a fountain pen or a gel roller. The nib is fine and the ink flows smoothly without getting dry.

The pen uses ink refills, they can be refilled if you want or you can't get a replacement with your favourite ink using a syringe. The body is nice to the hand and with the cap at the back the size is very good for writing. The cap clip is a little fragile so don't use it for a pocket.

For its price this is an excellent EDC writing tool if you like fountain pens, it is very affordable, writes very well and it's amazingly small.

You can order from JetPens in several different colors for $4.50. Make sure to get some refills too (3 for $2).

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Overload in Colorado said...

Think a lefty could use it without smearing?