Personal Battery Caddy

This is a line of battery cases available in many different presentations, colors and sizes for different battery types. We'll review the slim line because it is the most suitable for EDC.

There are 6 models in the slim line: 4xAA, 4x123, 6xAAA, 4x9v, 4xC, 4xD. Each model is available in different colors: GITD, orange, yellow, clear, red, green and black.

The caddy is constructed in solid plastic, each battery is well protected and locks in place with a small plastic tab, inserting and removing batteries from the holder is easy and the locking mechanism seems to be strong enough to be used thousands of times. Both the positive and negative contacts of the batteries are protected to prevent shorts.

The finishing of the product is of high quality, there are no sharp edges or pointy corners so you can put them in your pocket or inside a bag without any problems. The colors are bright, the glow in the dark version charges very well and glows bright for the first minutes with a glow enough to find them in complete dark for several hours.

There is no attachment point for a splitring, lanyard or a clip so you have to just drop the caddy inside a pocket or bag.

If you need to carry spare batteries the Personal Battery Caddy is a very high quality product with many versions available and will do exactly what you expect it to do: hold and protect your batteries.

You can read more, find about the other versions and order from the official website.

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