Sun FeatherWeight Mirror

This is a signal mirror made by Sun Company. It has some interesting details compared to other popular signal mirrors.

The first difference is that this mirror is bigger, at 4.2 inches by 3.1 inches it is not suitable for a wallet and barely ok for a pocket. It is also very thin and extremely light only 1/3 of an ounce.

There is a small hole in the center used to aim when signaling (not seen in the picture), the reflective material is plastic and is not really very good reflecting light that is why the mirror is probably so big.

In our tests this mirror had problems aiming and the reflected light was not very bright compared to other signal mirrors. In our opinion this mirror makes sense as a backup or if you manage to cut it down for wallet size as something that you can carry in your wallet without adding weight and will only be used in case of need. As a test we cut this mirror to credit-card size with a simple pair of scissors, cutting it was not difficult at all and the mirror survived the operation without problems. Carrying the trimmed mirror in a wallet is fine as a backup signal mirror or as an utility mirror.

To check your face, apply makeup or similar tasks it works fine. Just don't put your chances of being rescued in the hands of this mirror because there are better ones.

You can get it from EDCdepot at $3.25

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