Paper Cartridge Pen

This is an interesting novelty pen, it works as a normal pen with the adition of having a retractable scroll of paper inside the cap.

The pen uses a cartrdige of paper 2 inches wide and 24 inches long, you can write with the pen in the scroll of paper and then either cut it or retract it inside the cap.
The top of the cap rotates to scroll or unscroll the paper inside.

The pen is very useful for shopping lists, taking quick notes in a hurry, phone numbers, email addresses or things you need to remember like an improvised to-do list. You only need the pen to have both a writing tool and some paper.

The pen is made of brass and chrome parts with a laquered finish, it weights about 2 oz and feels solid in the hand.

The pen comes with two refills and black ink. You can order for $20 from this site.

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