Spy Capsule X-Large

This is the X-large version of the popular spy capsules frequently used to carry pills and other small items.

This capsule is about 2 inches long and 1.5 inches in diameter, it is opened at the middle and it has an o-ring to make it water resistant. At the top there is a hole with a split ring.

The capsule is large enough to carry AA, AAA or C123 batteries, and it can also be used to store money, mini survival kits and other items.

We didn't like the way the capsule opens in two halfs, the space inside would be more usable if the threads were located at the top as in other capsules. When you open it contents will come out unless they are very tight.

The construction in anodized aluminium is very solid and there are several colors available: red, green, blue, black, purpke and gold. The size is probably too big for a keychain but can be used hanging from a backpack or inside a survival bag or kit.

You can order from EDC depot at $7.

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