Victorinox Rescue Tool

The rescue tool is a product created by SAK manufacturer Victorinox for rescue and safety services, SAR, fireman, policeman and others.

It's a tool that offers the elements that are most needed in a rescue operation, it can be used with gloves and has a luminiscent body. The crate opener and the blade can be locked using a liner lock mechanism.

The tools included are: a large blade that as mentioned can be locked, philips screwdriver, window breaker (can be removed), strong screwdriver/crate opener with cap lifter and wire stripper. Reamer, curved seatbelt cutter, disc saw for laminated glass, tweezers, toothpick (to rescue your teeth) and keyring. The window breaker and disc saw can be replaced since they are subject to a lot of use and wear.

The tool has probably everything that is needed to rescue somebody trapped inside a car, the windows can be broken, the laminated glass can be cut and the seatbelt can be cut too, probably in a planned rescue bigger tools will be used for a faster operation but in an improvised emergency this can certainly be a very useful tool.

It is my idea that the tool makes more sense for the rescuer than for the eventually trapped victim, a more simple window breaker/seatbelt cutter makes more sense for an emergency tool inside the car. The rescue tool comes in a red pouch for easy visibility and retails for about $80.

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Anonymous said...

Great knife!! Love it!!

My only issues is that:
1) the tip (maybe 1/4") of the knife blade would be better if it wasn't serrated;
2) the Philips screwdriver is difficult to use - it would be better if it opened from the end, not the middle;
3) the most important emergency tool - the corkscrew!! - is missing!

Anonymous said...

In a survival situation, a corkscrew is near useless. Not to mention that I can open a bottle of wine faster by using this to push the cork into the wine bottle than using a corkscrew to pull it out.

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't mind this on a sailboat, except that point on the knife tip. Anyone know if it can be modified round without messing up that serrated front end of the blade? Losing a little of the serrated blade is OK, just don't know what it would look like. I like the idea of non serrated at the back for cutting, slicing mono line, makes it easier than having to cut mono at the tip.