Skylight Skunlight Solar Flashlight

The Skunlight is a solar powered flashlight using a nichia 5mm LED. The light is very small only 51mm x 28mm x 10mm, about the size of a large dog tag and weights 20g (0.7 oz).

The light is charged using Sunlight with the cell panel in the back, after 5 or 6 hours of charging the light will run for aproximately 3 hours. An auto-off feature will turn it off it left on for 10 minutes. A battery indicator will flash if the batteries are low and need charging.

The internal battery is lithium-ion so it can be charged and recharged constantly without any damage, it is recommended to charge as often as possible without running the light down to preserve battery lifetime.

The light is solid and waterproof down to 1 meter. it can be used clipped to a keychain or in a necklace, clipped to backpack or anywhere where it can receive sunlight in good conditions.

The White LED is quite bright, very intense for a 5mm LED and the 30 degree angle makes it suitable as a navigational light, task light and signaling light of moderate output. Not needing batteries at all makes the Skunlight a nice backup light for outdoor activities or emergency kits.

If runtime is a concern to use it as an emergency light there is a red led blinking version that can last up to 20 hours after a charge. The red led drains less power and the blinking further reduces the consumption. Unfortunately there is no version that can be either blinking or constant on.

You can read more at the white led product page, the red blinking product page and you can order from Tad Gear for $29.

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