Streamlight ProPolymer 4AA Luxeon LED

This is one of the many versions of flashlights Streamlight offers in pro-polymer bodies. The version tested is the Luxeon LED light with 4AA batteries, in our opinion probably the most interesting version of the line.

The light uses 4AA batteries, either alkaline or lithium to power a Luxeon LED at about 67 lumen, using a deep smooth reflector the flashlight has a very concentrated beam that offers a lot of throw being able to reach distant objects. The propoly will out-throw many other more expensive lights in the market.

The body is made of pro-polymer plastic with a clickie switch in the back, the body has some texture to help the grip and a pressure valve to release built-in pressure if your batteries vent. O-rings make the light waterproof and dunkable with very good sealing, the body is strong to resist normal drops to a hard surface without damaging the light or the body.

The light is regulated up to 3.5 hours of constant output, after that the light will keep running in a dim mode up to 6 or 7 hours.

Being made of plastic it's an ideal light, when used with lithium batteries, for outdoor activities in very cold environments where a metal light can reach frozen temperatures and damage your skin. The switch can be operated with the gloves we tested without any problems.

This flashlight is a classic for several reasons, it has an excelent runtime and regulation, it uses normal AA batteries and it is very strong and resistant, but what really matters is that for the money this is probably the best throwing light you can get outperforming other luxeon lights that are even more expensive. It is probably not small enough to be EDC but it is a very nice light to have.

You can read more from the product page or order for $33 from Lighthound.

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