PentagonLight MOLLE light

The MOLLE light by Pentagonlight is a modernized and miniaturized version of the classic anglehead flashlight used in the army.

This version is only 3.4'' long (86mm) and weights 1.05 oz (42gr), it uses a single AA battery to power a 0.5watt Luxeon LED. At the bottom of the light you will find room to attach a filter and the light comes with a red filter in the Tan version or a blue filter in the black version (pictured).

The light is operated by a switch at the top, just on/off operation is available, a low level mode and a strobe or SOS mode would have been in our opinion a needed and practical addition. With a single AA battery the light will run for aproximately 3 hours.

The clip is MOLLE style compatible and can be rotated so you can attach the light to a MOLLE attachment point or any regular strap or a belt, in general the clip is strong and the light is easy to both attach and remove for operation.

This light has a very small size and a nice design to be used as a handsfree light attached to your backpack or a belt.

You can read more information from Pentagonlight website. Price is around $30 from several dealers.

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Anonymous said...

PentagonLight is awesome. I have their MD2 weaponlight which is the best light for firearms. I also have MOLLE Light. It is definitely the smallest anglehead flashlight I've seen. It's a LED, very very bright. Thumbs up to Pentagon Light.