CRKT Zilla Tool

The Zilla is a futuristic multi-tool from CRKT. It is a combination of pliers, knife and screwdriver with a clip for pocket carry.

The pliers are spring loaded, one of the handles being released from the body, they have the classic wire cutter in the middle and are shaped like think needle nose pliers. Operation was good but the different sizes in the handles make leverage not as good as in the other more typical multi tools, for small precision jobs the spring loaded mechanism is very good.

The knife is opened using a flipper at the opposite end of the pliers, once opened it locks in place using a liner lock mechanism and the flipper acts as a guard for your finger. The knife was fine for most cutting jobs but it is probably not suitable if you need to use force with it. The grip of the knife was a little ackward since the tool's body is not wide enough.

The screwdriver is an hex bit driver located at the opposite extreme of the pliers, it can take any standard hex bit, the tool has room for 2 bits in its body which is a good thing to have. The driver was by far the best part of this tool with very good torque since the whole body of the tool can be used for leverage, even the pliers handle can be used with some care to take out some rebel screws.

The pocket clip is strong but maybe not long enough and the pliers end will be visible outside of the pocket, the clip can be removed if it doesn't work for you and you prefer to use the included nylon sheath.

The zilla is a nice looking tool with a very good screwdriver, an interesting set of spring loaded pliers and a regular knife, if you use often this 3 tools it can be a good tool for you.

You can read more and order for $40 from CRKT's website.

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