Benchmade 7 Hook

The 7 hook is a tool designed for emergency situations that can be used for general purposes due to the low profile of the tool and how it can be carried.

It is basically a hook knife with a elongated handle, the handle is covered in black PVC and the tool is made of 440C stainless steel. The hook at the end is very sharp and can be used to cut seatbelts, clothes, nets, cord and rope.

The tool comes with a nylon sheath so it can easily be strapped to a vest or a backpack and be ready to be used when needed, besides the emergency uses we found the tool very practical to cut rope and cord while camping or hiking without the need to use a blade, we didn't test it with seatbelts but there should be no problem at all.

The tool is 4.30'' long and weights 1.6oz. Being made of a single piece of steel there are no weak points that can break and there is no sharp edge besides the hook to avoid cutting yourself in an emergency. Using the tool is simple, the grip is very good with knurling at the top and a good ergonomic handle.

The 7 hook is a very safe emergency tool that can become a low profile general purpose cutting hook in many situations.

You can order for $40 from Benchmade, with a choice of 3 colors for the Sheath.

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