Grundig Mini 300 Portable Radio

This is a portable tri-band radio capable of receiving SW, AM and FM transmissions.

The radio has a LCD display to show the selected band and station, this display does not have a backlight. The antenna is telescoping. Short Wave reception is very good, you can pick most of the World Wide SW stations without any problems including clock signals and others, AM reception is also very good and FM is fine.

You can listen using the built-in mono speaker or for FM radio you can listen in stereo using the included earbuds.

The 6.6 x 2.5 cm radio radio uses two AA batteries and weights only 4.7 oz. Besides the radio it has a sleeping timer to auto turn off the radio after a programmed time and also a radio alarm that will turn the radio on on your preferred station at a given time. The package includes earbuds a carrying pouch and a SW listening guide.

The radio has nice features and very good reception, SW reception can be improved adding a coil antenna clipped to the telescoping antenna but we don't think that is a need unless your station of choice has very bad reception, for most SW stations tried the radio was clear, sometimes the frequency that you have to tune in the LCD display is not exactly the frequency of the station so keep trying.

You can order online from REI for $30.

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