Fenix L1DCE

The Fenix L1DCE is a Cree LED flashlight powered by a single AA battery, the switch is a reverse clickie in the tailcap. This light has different levels of operations and a particular dual-mode operation.

There are two modes of operation for this flashlight: Normal and Turbo selected by twisting the head of the light from one position to the other. In normal mode you can use the light in 4 different modes: low, medium, high and SOS you switch modes pressing the tailcap switch halfway going from low to medium, then high and then SOS. In Turbo mode there are two modes: turbo and strobe, switching between modes in the same way as before: with a light press of the tailcap switch.

The light is made of grade III anodized aluminium, excellent to resist hits and impacts of any kind and to avoid getting scratched if carried in a keychain. It can stand on its tail to be used in candle mode for room illumination. O-rings make the light water resistant and dunkable. The lens is coated with an anti-reflective treatment. With 9.7 cm is not exactly a keychain light but can be used in a keychain if you want.

The brightness and runtime depends on the mode of operation, from 9 lumen and 25 hours of runtime in low to 90 lumen and 1.5 hours of runtime using the turbo mode. An electronic circuit provides regulation so the brightness of the light will be constant for the selected mode regardless of the state of the battery.

There is a version of this light: the L2DCE that takes 2 AA batteries using the same head so the L1DCE can be used with a rechargeable 3.7v 14500 battery. With the 14500 battery the light can reach up to 130 lumen and it is still a single cell battery but you will lose some of the low level modes until the battery voltage drops and the regulation circuit kicks back. This incredible output shows the amazing efficiency of the Cree LED able to produce an incredible amount of light with a single battery and very respectable runtime performance.

The beam is a combination of throw and sidespill with some noticeable rings so it won't be a pure white beam when shined over a wall. Due to the many modes and the brightness this light is both useful for outdoor and indoor activities doubling as a light that can reach far when outside and as a nice tasklight in low mode inside.

An amazing light capable of producing a lot of light with a single AA battery and capable of producing an incredible amount of light with a 14500 battery.

You can order for $52.50 from Fenix-Store.

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