Surefire G3 Nitrolon

The G3 is a 3 cell version of the popular G2 from surefire. The light is an icandescent flashlight using a high pressure Xenon bulb powered by 3 123 lithium batteries. The body is a special polymer called "Nitrolon".

The G3 use of 3 cells allows the use of two of the 9volt Xenon bulbs from Surefire: the P90 and P91. With the P90 installed the light will produce 100 lumen for about 60 minutes. With the high-intensity (Sold sepparately) P91 bulb you will have 200 lumen for about 20 minutes. The bulbs will last aproximately 20 hours of operation (get a spare!). The 3 cell body takes the G3 to a total of 6.5 inches in lenght.

The polymer body is very strong and will resist drops and hits, being plastic it won't get frozen if used in very low temperature areas. The lens is pyrex glass. The beam is a very long throw beam typical of incandescent bulbs with enough sidespill to illuminate a room. Both the 100 and 200 lumen bulbs can be used to disorient a potential attacker at night. The difference between 100 and 200 lumen is not linear so to your eyes you won't get double amount of light. From our tests the 100 lumen bulb is the best option.

The switch is a lockout tailcap switch you can either twist until constant on or untwist a little and use the tailcap button for momentary operation, if you untwist a couple of turns the light will be locked for transportation the button being unable to turn it on.

The G3 is a very powerful 9v light that due to the polymer body is affordable and yet keeping the excelent construction and support from Surefire. A very good adition to the incandescent series of Surefire lights.

You can read more at Surefire's website or order for $60.
The P91 bulb can be ordered for $27.

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