ASP T2 Tac-Loc

The ASP T2 tool is a small keychain multi tool with a size similar of a leatherman micra.

It features a serrated edge saw, a plain razor edge, a file with a flat screwdriver end, a key for handcuffs, a seat belt cutter, scissors with plain edges, quad key, frame scale, bottle opener and pliers.

The tool is just about 2 inches long and can be used in a keychain without being a bulky item. The scissors have very short handles but cut very well, he other tools are good for their purpose as long as you don't use excessive force.

The mini serrated edge worked nicely and the plain edge razor was very sharp without sharpening, the cuff key is probably for those that may need it, a philips screwdriver or something more day to day practical would have been a lot better to us.

A good combination of practical tools in a very small packager, probably not a good idea for people with big hands but if you like a small set of tools unnoticed in your keychain this is a nice option.

You can order for $10 from this website.

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