Illumitacks Feeder Lights And Trail Markers

The Illumitacks are similar to LED blinkies used in parties and for fun. The difference being the stronger construction of the Illumitacks and that they don't blink.

The 'tacks use a small green LED powered by a CR927 coin cell battery, twist the body and the light will turn on, untwist and off it goes. There is a very strong magnet at the bottom that can be used to attach this little devices to any metallic surface.

Feeder lights are used in hunting, you can attach the illumitack magnetic LED. feeder lights to your corn feeders barrel, timer control unit, feeder legs or on leaves or twigs above baited area and have the most economical and convenient hog hunting light on the market today. The green light won't spook game according to the manufacturer.

Besides hunting the lights can be used to mark trails or locations at night, each light uses two CR927 batteries and runs for about 50 hours with one set, the lights are not regulated so they will get dim as the batteries are used. After 24 hours they are still very visible, the green color is an excellent choice for trail marking since it is the color that human eyes see better. In our tests the lights were still visible after 48 hours from 100 yards, so they are quite good to mark locations if you need to hike back at night.

The 'tacks are sold for $24.95 in a package of 10 including replacement batteries. You can order and read more about them from the Official Website.

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