Titanium Key Tool

This is a very small tool made of Titanium, it is shaped as a door key measuring 2 1/2 inches in length and about 1 inch wide.

The tool can be used as a flat head screwdriver, as a bottle opener and to bend wire. The screwdriver works well. Since the top side of the bottle opener is the screwdriver the suface in contact with the bottle cap will be thin so a little extra force is needed compared to other bottle openers but of course this is not an issue since opening a bottle isn't a task that demans a lot of strength.

Made of titanium the tool is very light and stronger than steel with incredible resistance to corrosion. This property makes this a good tool for boating or environments near the sea where corrosion due to salt water may be a big problem. You can put this tool in your keychain and it won't get rusty. It is a little pricey but Titanium is not a cheap material.

You can order for $25 from this site.

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