Spyderco Spin

The spin is a very small keychain/EDC knife by Spyderco it measures 2 7/16'' (63mm) when closed and it has a 5/8'' (41mm) blade, the total length when opened being 4 1/8'' (105 mm). The total weight is 1.35oz (38gr).

The blade is VG-10 steel with a wharncliff profile maximizing cutting surface for its size. The slightly rounded tip is good for precision cutting and can even work to clean small places or fingernails.

The handle is stainless steel with a laser engraved spider web, grip is good due to the very ergonomic shape of the handle your fingers will be safe from the blade even if you have to put some pressure in the knife. The lock is called an Integral Lock. This is basically a Liner Lock with a twist created by Chris Reeve it uses the the handle scale as the lock’s liner in this way the back of the handle is used as the lock removing the need for internal liners and making the knife very very slim.

The Spin comes with a stainless steel pocket clip that is used to clip the knife tip-down to your pockets and can also work as a money clip if you prefer to use it in that way. There is also a lanyard hole for a wrist lanyard or neck carrying.

A very small knife with an excelent design, solid construction and a surprising ability to cut the spin is a great little knife with a low profile that won't scare anyone. It can look like a stylish accesory or money clip and be used as a serious cutting tool when needed.

You can read more or order for $80 from Spyderco's website.

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